Floral Preservation (NJ)

Interested in having flowers preserved from a special day? Check out my floral preservation boxes! These are custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that will help you cherish and remember your special day forever.
My process is truly unique and different from others who fully encase the flowers in a block of resin. Once I have your bouquet, I select a variety of flowers from it to dry out (I don't flatten them completely, so they end up a little more three dimensional). After drying them in a mixture for 2-3 weeks, I manipulate the flowers until I have the perfect design.
When you approve the design, I then preserve the flowers in a clear acrylic box by coating them in layers of epoxy resin. The box also has a clear lid that goes on afterwards so the flowers are protected but are still 3D inside the box.

I offer multiple options:
5x7 - $290

8x8 - $425

8x10- $525
8x10 (With Wedding Invite)- $590
8x12 Framed Shadow Box- $550
9x12- $595
9x12 (With Wedding Invite)- $615
*NEW* 11 Inch Hexagon- $700
4 Inch Ornament-
$60 as an add-on item to 1 or more floral boxes, $75 for ornament(s) only
Lace Add-On Option-
Add lace to one floral box of any size- $30

To best preserve their shape and color, the earlier you could get me the flowers, the better. I am located in Brick, NJ (Ocean County) and do not currently offer shipping options on my floral boxes. To help the preservation quality, you can just keep the flowers fresh in water after the event (until they get delivered to me- recommended within 1-5 days).
Before purchasing, please reach out to make sure I have availability for your event date. Thanks so much!
e-mail: treasuredgiftsnj@gmail.com


Floral Box Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a floral box?

A floral preservation box is a decorative piece of artwork that stands upright on a shelf or table. It is different from a typical resin block that fully encases flowers in resin. A clear acrylic shadow box is used as the base to place your flowers in. Thin layers of epoxy resin are then poured to coat your flowers and permanently secure them to the inside of the box. Once fully dry, a clear lid goes on the box to protect your flowers. The piece is relatively lightweight compared to typical resin floral blocks and should always be handled with care.


When will my floral box be finished?

Current turn-around time is typically 4-6 weeks from the day I receive your flowers. The flowers need 2-3 weeks to fully dry out before the design process begins. Once approved, the flowers need multiple days to get positioned in their acrylic box and are then layered with several coats of epoxy resin. After the final coat is dry and the box is photographed, it will be ready for pick-up.


Will my flowers change once they dry?

Yes! The best surprise is removing the flowers from their drying mixture and seeing how beautiful their transformation turns out. Although the process I use keeps as much of their fresh color as possible, natural changes do occur that are impossible to control. Though this can very from flower to flower, here is what to typically expect with coloring:

*White Flowers- dry to a cream/ivory

*Red Flowers- dry to a dark burgundy

*Light Pink Flowers- dry to a darker pink

*Bright Flowers (orange/yellow/purple/coral/pink)- dry bright- similar to their fresh coloring


How long will my floral preservation last?

You will be able to enjoy your preserved piece for many years to come! With that being said, all epoxy resins yellow/amber in color over time- so your flowers may change and develop a more “antique” look as your floral box ages (light and white-colored flowers, especially). Treasured Gifts NJ takes every precaution to slow this process down by using a high-quality epoxy resin that offers the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. Just remember that all things in nature do change as they age, including your beautiful flowers.


How should I care for my piece?

Once you receive your finished box, the best way to care for it is to keep it somewhere safe out of direct sunlight and extreme heat, as these elements can speed up the aging process and yellowing of epoxy. Always keep the lid on your box to protect your fragile flowers and be sure to handle it with care to prevent scuffs and scratches. The box can break if it gets knocked over or falls, so you may even want to add a little mounting putty to keep it securely in place on your shelf/mantle.


Do all flowers dry the same?

No, they don’t! Each flower contains different moisture content inside its petals, which directly affects the drying process. Some flowers change color and shape more than others. The amount of time needed for drying also varies from flower to flower. There are times where leaves may dry brown or berries may dry black, and you will be presented with the option to have these items painted back to their original color. Sunflowers almost always dry losing most of their petals, but are easily reconstructed to look as good as new. White calla lilies can be difficult to dry and often turn yellow or brown in the process. If any major changes occur with your flowers while drying, it will always be discussed during the design phase.


Can I ship my flowers to you?

Treasured Gifts NJ is currently only accepting local pick-up for completed floral preservation boxes due to the possibility of them being lost or damaged during shipment. Some people do choose to ship the fresh bouquets at their own risk, though. If you are interested in this option, it is recommended that the bouquet stems get wrapped in wet paper towels and foil to keep them as fresh as possible. They should be shipped overnight in a box where they have a lot of packing paper and cushioning around them to prevent the flowers from being smushed or damaged.


Do I need to reserve a spot ahead of time for my wedding?

If possible, floral preservation is something that should be reserved just like your other wedding vendors early in your planning process. Reservations are preferred since a limited number of orders are taken each week and the calendar fills up quickly. Though it can’t be guaranteed, last minute orders will always be accommodated if there is availability.


How do I make a reservation for the date I'm interested in?

The first step is to reach out via e-mail to inquire about your date (treasuredgiftsnj@gmail.com). If there is availability, a name and phone number will be needed to secure your reservation. About 2 months before your desired date, you will receive an e-mail discussing payment options.


How does your drop-off and pick-up system work?

Treasured Gifts NJ is located in Brick, NJ (Ocean County). As your event approaches (typically the week of), a preferred drop-off date and time will be set up. Once your box is complete, you will receive a text or e-mail to coordinate pick-up. There are currently no set days or times allotted for this, as the schedule is very flexible.


Do you preserve funeral flowers?

Absolutely! Treasured Gifts NJ tries to save space for last minute funeral preservations each week. Many people choose to include items like photographs, mass cards, or ribbon in with their funeral pieces. Please reach out to inquire.


How soon do I need to get my flowers to you?

To best preserve their natural color and shape, it is recommended that flowers are delivered as soon as possible after your event (anywhere from 1-5 days is preferred). If this time frame has already passed or you have older flowers that have air-dried completely, please reach out to see if a floral box would be possible. Flowers can be preserved in resin at any time as long as they are completely dry, but thicker air-dried flowers (such as roses) may not be able to flatten enough to fit inside the preservation boxes.


How should I bring my flowers to you?

Always remember that when it comes to preservation- the fresher they are, the better they will preserve! Please keep your flowers in water after the event. Some people choose to deliver the bouquet in a vase (which will be returned to you at pick-up). Others find it easier to just wrap the stems in wet paper towels and foil. Just try your best to not crush the flowers during transport!


What do you do with my extra flowers?

The entire bouquet is never dried out, but a few extra flowers will always be dried as options for the design. These extra flowers will be returned to you at pick-up to do whatever you’d like with. Customers can also request to receive their air-dried bouquet back, though these flowers are just air dried and don’t end up as “pretty” as those dried in the drying mixture. Please note that the remaining air-dried bouquet will only be saved when requested.


I’m interested in an invite box. How many invitations do you need me to bring?

When ordering an invite box, please bring 2-3 invitations with you (if possible). It is always nice to have extras, just in case. Any leftover invitations will be returned to you at pick-up.